Tips – Shopping Effectively in the Sale!

Tips – Shopping Effectively in the Sale!

The summer sales have officially begun (*insert Carlton Banks dance*)!!! As a Personal Stylist, I often get asked how I am able to shop in the sale or get good bargains. So I have put together my top tips to help you shop effectively in any sale 🙂

1) Priority shopping list

Write down a list of what you need – this may sound obvious but it’s really important to reduce stress levels when shopping in the sale which is often times very chaotic.

Having a definitive list means you have assessed your wardrobe and identify gaps which you would like to address on your shopping trip/(s). This also means that you buy only what you need that works well with your existing wardrobe.

A shopping list also helps to curb the “Shiny Object Syndrome” which is more prominent during the sales. Otherwise, you end up with “bargains” you’ll never wear!

2) Favourite Stores

For those who like to try on and feel fabric textures, write down the stores that you would like to shop in.

Department stores are usually a great start as they have multiple brands under one roof. So saves you time walking around.

If you’re super organised, browse each selected stores’ website to give you an idea of what styles you might find in the shops and price ranges to expect.

3) Budget

Have an overall budget and then break it down further against each item. Build in some flex as there will be a range of prices in the shops.

4) Shop online

The 3 points above still apply to online shoppers as it is super easy to get trigger happy when you’re in the comfort of your home.

Naturally, you cover more brands by shopping online and you might even get some web exclusive deals too.

Make sure you head to your favourite online stores first and if your budget allows, browse some additional stores.

My aim is to ensure you choose well, feel confident and enhance your distinct personal style. If you would like help assessing your wardrobe before shopping or determining what styles and colours flatter you best, send an email to

Would love to hear how you guys shop (or not) in the sales in the comment section!!!

Stylishly Yours,

Oyin  xxxx

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